Report a lost or stolen card

What do I do if my card has been lost, stolen or compromised?



To report a lost, stolen or compromised United Bank & Trust debit card:

If you believe your card and/or PIN has been lost or stolen, please contact us at one of the following numbers:


  • During business hours: (517) / (888) 423-8373, select option #3
  • After business hours or on weekends: (800) 472-3272


After contacting United Bank & Trust, it is important that you review your account activity to determine whether or not any fraudulent or unauthorized transactions have affected your account.


To report an unauthorized United Bank & Trust debit card transaction

If you believe that an unauthorized transaction has occurred or may occur, please contact us immediately at:

  • During business hours: (517) / (888) 423-8373, select option #3


What is my liability if I am the victim of an unauthorized transaction?

According to the consumer protection rules in the Electronic Funds Transfer Act (EFTA):


  • If reported within 2 business days after discovering the loss/theft, liability is limited to $50
  • If reported after 2 business days, liability is capped at $500
  • If the consumer continues to fail to report the loss 60 days after the bank issues an account statement, the consumer’s liability may be unlimited, but only for fraudulent transactions made after this 60-day period. These periods can be extended for ‘extenuating circumstances’ such as vacation or illness.


To report a lost, stolen or compromised United Bank & Trust credit card:

If you believe your credit card has been lost or stolen or that an unauthorized transaction has occurred or may occur, please call the following toll-free number. A representative will be available 24 hours a day to assist you:


  • Personal Credit Cards    (800) 558-3424
  • Corporate Credit Cards  (800) 344-5696


How do card compromises happen and what steps does United Bank & Trust take to protect you?


The largest threats to the security of ATM/Debit cards are:

  • Merchant compromises perpetrated by hackers who infiltrate the Point of Sale security systems of its processing company. Wide scale informational breaches have occurred at several large retailers and processors in the past few years.
  • Online or telephone calling schemes (aka smishing and phishing) used to obtain card information, including the numeric secure code located on the back of the actual card and the information embedded in the magnetic strip
  • Card skimmers affixed to ATM terminals where cardholders swipe their own card and enter their PIN number. Card skimming devices have also been used at merchants who swipe the card when the cardholder is not present. The card information is then used to create duplicate cards that are used to commit fraudulent ATM transactions, signature transactions and online card-not-present transactions.

To protect cardholders from fraudulent card transactions, United Bank & Trust has engaged the services of a real-time, fraud-monitoring network, which monitors transaction activity 24/7. Such networks use a scoring system based on the spending patterns of each cardholder to identify the possibility of fraud. Suspicious transactions trigger a proactive contact to the cardholder to verify the authenticity of the transaction(s).


Should transactions prompt a response from United Bank & Trust’s 24/7 fraud-monitoring service, the service:


  • Creates a ‘Case’ that may prevent the card from being used until the cardholder confirms the legitimacy of the transactions in question.
  • Attempts to reach the client by telephone. An automated recording will identify the call is coming from the Fraud Detection Center, and indicate the need to verify recent transactions on your United Bank & Trust debit card account.
    • The telephone number for the Fraud Detection Center is 800-262-2024.
  • Confirm the identity of the cardholder by requesting the entry of your 5-digit zip code. It is important to remember that neither the automated system nor anyone from United Bank & Trust will call and ask you to disclose your 16-digit card number. We will reference the last 4 digits of the card number only, but that is all. If someone asks for your 16-digit car number, hang up immediately and call us:
    • During business hours: (517) / (888) 423-8373, select option #3
  • When attempts to reach a client by telephone are unsuccessful, a letter regarding the situation will be sent to you by United Bank & Trust.


How can cardholders protect themselves?

Visit our Identity Theft Prevention resource center to learn about what steps you can take to protect yourself.

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