Treasury Management

As your financial partner, United Bank & Trust has treasury management solutions to support you at every turn. One of the best ways we serve your business is by providing you with the tools you need to effectively manage the cash flow of your business. United Bank & Trust’s full suite of treasury management solutions gives you immediate access to financial information plus the ability to move your assets more efficiently. United Bank & Trust’s treasury management specialists are available to customize your treasury management solutions to include these options and more:



  • Business WebConnect

    Make the best use of your available funds by knowing your daily cash position. Our Business WebConnect solution helps you do that and more.

    • Streamline your cash management procedures
    • Manage and analyze your bank information quickly
    • Monitor, reconcile and export transactional information


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  • Remote Deposit Capture

    United Bank & Trust’s remote deposit capture solution makes it possible to manage your deposits without leaving your office.

    • Deposit funds into your account right from your office
    • Check deposits can be made after normal banking hours
    • Consolidate deposits from multiple locations into one account


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  • Image Positive Pay

    United Bank & Trust’s Image Positive Pay solution minimizes your exposure to check fraud.

    • Guard against check fraud
    • Avoid potential losses
    • Identify fraudulent items before they become an issue


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  • Business Sweep Accounts

    Maximize your cash flow with our sweep solution. Each business day, funds are automatically transferred from your checking account into sweep accounts of your choice. Should your checking account balance drop below your preset target balance, funds will automatically transfer from your sweep accounts to meet that balance requirement.

    • Preserve capital without making time-consuming investment decisions
    • Pay down the principal on your loan or line of credit automatically
    • Move excess funds to your investment account after your loan or line of credit is paid off

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  • Zero Balance Accounts

    Eliminate the need to manually transfer funds between United Bank & Trust accounts by using our Zero Balance Account (ZBA) solution.

    • Link designated checking accounts to a master account
    • Have your daily ending balances calculated and funds electronically transferred to one master account
    • Manage subsidiary accounts with ease

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Treasury Management Features & Optional Services:

  • Superior cash flow management
  • Loan payments, fund transfers, stop payments, ACH files and wire transfers
  • Easy subsidiary account management
  • Heightened check and transaction fraud detection

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