Account Alerts

Free online account alerts are one way we provide informative solutions together. Available for United Bank & Trust Internet Banking clients, account alerts are conveniently delivered by email or text message to your cell phone or mobile device.


  • Timely notification of balance-related situations
  • Notification of fraud or suspicious transactions
  • Reduces your telephone banking and Internet banking inquiries
  • Automatic eligibility for Internet Banking clients

Get step-by-step instructions on creating your alerts in our Internet Banking demo.  View demo.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up an Account Alert?
You must be enrolled in Internet Banking to utilize Account Alerts. To set up an alert, sign in to Internet Banking and within the Messages section, click Setup New Alert. Choose the Alert you wish to set up and follow the prompts to activate the Alert.

How do I set up an alert to go to my cell phone or mobile device?
You set up the text message alert the same way as a standard email alert with the exception of the delivery email address. We have abbreviated the message content to accommodate the standard text message length of 140 characters. To create a texxt alert, in the Email Address field, enter your 10-digit phone number without dashes followed by your wireless carrier provider's email address.

  • AT&T:
  • Sprint:
  • T-Mobile:
  • Alltel:
  • US Cellular:
  • Verizon:

Click Submit and your Text Alert is created!

Please keep in mind the ability to receive text messages is dependent on your carrier, service package and phone features. Some carriers provide text messaging as part of your service plan or may charge a fee for each message received. Check with your provider if you are not sure of your plan.

How do I delete an Account Alert?
To delete an Alert, sign in to Internet Banking and within the Messages section, click on Account Alerts, identify the Alert you would like to delete and click Delete.

Can I edit an Account Alert?
Yes. To edit an Alerts, sign in to Internet Banking and within the Messages section, click on Account Alerts. Identify the Alert you would like to edit and click on the corresponding Number. Make the desired changes to your Alert and click Submit.

I want my Account Alert to be delivered to a different email address than my Online Banking information. Is this possible?
Yes. In set-up, the Alert will default to the email address on file. Simply type the email address you would like to have the Alert delivered to in the corresponding box during set-up. You can also edit the Alert after it has been set up. Note: If your email address has changed, please notify us so that we have the most up-to-date email address on file.

Why wasn't my Account Alert delivered?
Please review the following checklist to help identify the solution:

  • Account Alerts are emailed when the selected activity clears the corresponding account. Please verify the selected activity has cleared your account.
  • Has your email address changed? Review the Alert information to ensure the most up-to-date email address is on file.
  • Have you made any changes to the Alert recently? Review the Alert to ensure your Alert looks correct.
  • Please check your SPAM folder within your email. Has your Alert been delivered but caught by your SPAM filter? If so, please add to your safe list.
  • Is your email box full? If so, your Account Alert may not be delivered.

If you continue to have questions about the delivery of your Account Alerts, please contact us at or via phone at 517.423.1746 or 877.295.0010.

Can I set up more than one Account Alert per account?
Yes, simply set up each Account Alert type individually.

Are Account Alerts secure?
Yes. Your full account number or other identifying or sensitive information is never transmitted in an Account Alert. In addition, we will never ask you to reply to an Account Alert with your personal or account information.

Can I receive alerts at more than one address?
Not at this time.