Account Basics

United posts transactions during our nightly processing each business day. To ensure that your balance is accurate, it is important to understand the posting order that is summarized for you below.

Posting Order for Consumer Deposit Accounts
(Effective July 1, 2011)


  1. Deposits and other credits
  2. Fees from the previous day
  3. ATM Withdrawals and debit card transactions from low to high dollar amount
  4. Phone and Internet Banking transfers, bill payments from low to high dollar amount
  5. Withdrawals made at the teller line, posted from low to high dollar amount
  6. Automatic or electronic payments (ACH), posted from low to high dollar amount
  7. Checks you have written will be posted sequentially by check number (low to high)

If you do not have sufficient funds available to cover all transactions presented, we will take one or more of the following actions:

  • Transfer funds from any linked overdraft line of credit
  • Pay the transaction, creating an overdraft, or
  • Return the item unpaid due to insufficient funds

To learn more about our overdraft practices and fees, click here.

Following are some frequently asked questions that may also assist you:

What is the difference between Pending (Preauth) and Posted transactions?

Pending or Preauth transactions are authorized transactions with a hold on your balance for the purchase amount until the transaction clears your account.
Posted transactions are purchases that have cleared your account and funds withdrawn to pay the merchant

Why would a Pending or Preauth transaction amount be different from my actual purchase amount?
The Preauth amount that has been requested by a merchant may vary from the final purchase amount in situations where there is an estimated amount (i.e. at the gas pump) or a tip is involved (i.e. at a restaurant)