United Bank & Trust is proud to continually offer new, free, security solutions and benefits to your Internet Banking account. PasswordPlus is an easy way to help you protect your account funds against fraud and identity theft.  PasswordPlus assists you by:


  • Providing both an authentication image and pass phrase, customized by you, and required on account login
  • Recognizing which computer(s) or mobile device(s) you use to log into your account, and ask for identity verification when we don’t
  • Giving you automatic enrollment as part of completing your Internet Banking enrollment process


This is one more way United Bank & Trust solutions together with online fraud prevention, every day and from anywhere.


Security Reminders:


  1. Never provide personally identifiable information (Social Security number, account number, etc.) in response to an email. For security purposes, United Bank & Trust will never contact you for this information over the phone or through unsecured email.


  1. Always verify when logging on to Internet Banking, you are at the authentic United Bank & Trust website.

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