Loan Solutions

Wherever you are in your life and whatever paths you travel, United Bank & Trust’s personal loan solutions are here to support you every step of the way. From dream homes to dream boats and dreams of hammocks on the beach, United Bank & Trust’s here to make them all a reality. Let’s explore our home, vehicle and personal lending options together.



  • Mortgage Loan Solutions

    Don’t give up on buying a new home or refinancing your current one before contacting us. United Bank & Trust’s Mortgage Loan Originators have the expertise to provide clients in all our communities with customized mortgage solutions.

    • Review mortgage types
    • Find a mortgage that's right for you
    • Explore construction loan options
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  • Home Equity Loan Solutions

    Whether you have a one-time need or decide to redesign your kitchen, United Bank & Trust’s home equity loan solutions could be just what you need.

    • Access the available equity in your home
    • Get competitive loan rates
    • Enjoy flexible loan terms
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  • Personal Loan Solutions

    From major appliance repair to vacations, we have a loan solution. No matter your situation, turn to United Bank & Trust; we’re always happy to help.

    • Apply for loans for any reason
    • Ask about overdraft support
    • Choose from variable terms
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  • Vehicle Loan Solutions

    Maybe it’s that car you've always wanted or the boat upgrade you’re eyeing. Either way, United Bank & Trust is here to help you drive it off the lot or take your place at the helm.

    • Finance a new or used vehicle
    • Sign up for automatic payments
    • Borrow up to 90% of the determined value
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Loan Features & Optional Services:

  • Competitive Rates
  • Variable terms
  • Customized borrowing solutions
  • Overdraft support
  • Loan options for every need

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