Internet Banking FAQs

How current is my account information?
Internet Banking offers you the most current balance and transaction information available. All ATM withdrawals and debit card purchases will post to your account as you make them – immediately reducing your available balance. This means the next time you use Internet Banking, your available account balance will reflect all transactions completed with your ATM or debit card.


Can I transfer money to other institutions?
No, transfers can only be performed between your enrolled United accounts. However, by utilizing United’s Bill Pay service you can transfer payments from your United account(s) to personal accounts at other financial institutions. Not enrolled in Bill Pay yet? Simply log in to your account and click the Pay My Bills button to complete your enrollment today.


What can I do in Internet Banking?

  • Check balances and review account activity
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • View images of cleared checks
  • Pay virtually anyone with our Bill Pay service 
  • Receive account statements online 
  • Download your account information to Quicken

What is the difference between Pending and Posted transactions?
Pending transactions have been received by the bank, but have not posted to your account yet.  Examples include direct deposits, electronic bill payments, and debit card transactions. Posted transactions have cleared your account and funds withdrawn. Pending transactions are noted with an asterisk “*” next to them under your current statement detail


What is the cutoff time for Internet Banking transfers?
Express Transfers completed before 6:00pm will be posted as of the current business day. Transfers completed after 6:00pm or on a non—business day will be posted as of the next business day.


Why would a pending transaction or authorization amount be different from my actual purchase amount?
The authorization amount that has been requested by a merchant may be different from the actual purchase in situations where an estimated authorization amount or a tip is involved. A restaurant may have requested an authorization before the tip had been added on. Some restaurants may estimate the tip when making an authorization request. Gas stations may have made an authorization request before time of fueling. Many pay-at-the-pump gas purchases are initially authorized for $1.00 no matter what the final purchase amount may be.