Savings Solutions

When setting your savings goals, it’s always important to consider how you will use the funds and what type of access you need to those funds. At United Bank & Trust, we offer a range of solutions from personal savings accounts to CDs and IRAs. Build an emergency fund, diversify your investment portfolio or enhance your retirement fund—we provide you with tailored savings solutions for every level of your financial plans.



  • Regular Savings Account

    The perfect solution to kick-start a regular savings program, this account allows you to make deposits and withdrawals at any time and for any amount.

    • Earned interest compounded daily and
      paid quarterly
    • Free Internet Banking
    • Up to nine free withdrawals per quarter

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  • Youth Savings Account

    Teach good financial habits early with this special account designed just for young people.

    • Bank matches initial opening deposit up to $5
    • No minimum balance
    • Competitive interest

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  • Health Savings Account

    An HSA lets you set aside money on a tax-free basis to pay for qualified medical expenses.

    • Earn competitive interest
    • Free debit card
    • Free Internet Banking

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  • CDs

    A certificate of deposit is a safe place to park your funds and earn a higher rate of return than regular savings.

    • Invest with as little as $2,500
    • Terms from 91 days to five years
    • Free Internet Banking

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  • IRAs

    Saving for your retirement and maintaining your IRA deposits is easy with our IRA investment solutions.

    • Choose from a variety of investment options
    • Earn tax-sheltered interest
    • Save for retirement

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  • Saving for Education

    Whether college is one year away or eighteen, we’ll help you determine the best college savings solution for your unique situation.

    • Maximize your college savings potential
    • Enjoy the help of a United Investment Services financial advisor
    • Choose from several college savings options

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Savings Features & Optional Services:

  • FDIC insurance security
  • Account-specific deposits and withdrawals at any of our locations
  • Competitive interest rates on higher balances
  • Earned interest compounded daily and paid monthly or quarterly
  • Free Internet Banking

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