Advisory Services

We specialize in offering nonconventional financing solutions traditionally not offered by most banks. We partner with specialized lenders to create solutions that can meet your needs effectively and promptly. To learn more about our advisory solutions, contact us today.

Mezzanine Financing
If your business is growing rapidly but does not yet qualify for traditional bank or SBA financing, or if you’re a business owner who needs funds but doesn’t want to give up stock ownership, we can help. Our mezzanine solutions are a blend of debt and equity financing; interest rates will be higher than traditional bank financing, but mezzanine financing will make it easier for your business to get the funds it needs in special situations.

Asset-Based Loans
Our asset-based lending solutions can help you leverage the value of your company’s assets to use as borrowing power. These loans are ideal for clients who are having difficulty in obtaining a conventional short-term line of credit. As a good option for companies that are undercapitalized, experiencing poor cash flow, or facing rapid growth, our asset-based loans are fully secured by your company's assets (typically real estate, accounts receivables, purchase orders, inventory and equipment) and serviced monthly.

We can arrange leasing solutions for clients looking for up to 100% financing on purchases of machinery, software, and office, medical and capital equipment. These leases provide flexible payment structures, and fixed rates and payments. Our leasing solutions allow your business to make large purchases with no money down, preserving working capital and company cash.

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