Solutions for Your Business

We provide a full range of lending solutions that step outside the boundaries of traditional lending options. Talk with us about your goals and challenges, and we will respond with some ideas you may have not considered. When you have a community lending partner in your corner, you’ll be able to stay afloat during tough times and capitalize on business opportunities that arise. Let’s look for small business solutions together.



  • Debt Restructuring

    If you are having difficulty complying with arduous loan covenants with your business banker, we can create a solution to reduce or restructure your company’s debts.

    • Restore liquidity so you can continue operations
    • Preferable alternative to bankruptcy
    • Improve cash flow by paying your debt over a long period of time


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  • Capital Purchases

    In an ever-fluctuating market, we can help you properly structure a smart borrowing solution for your larger capital purchases.

    • Additional cash available for working capital and sales growth
    • Advantageous terms structured to your needs
    • Designed for growing businesses needing specialty financing


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  • Business Expansion

    Talk with us about a customized commercial loan for your company’s expansion plans.

    • Stretch your capacity to grow your revenue
    • Add locations or expand your product offering
    • Get cash quickly and repay your debt with longer terms/amortization


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  • Business Acquisition

    When you have the opportunity to purchase another business, be ready with a loan solution you can manage.

    • Maximize growth opportunities with alternative financing solutions that suit your needs
    • Obtain financing with different levels of equity requirements that are commonly necessitated by most banks
    • Leverage our team of experts to reduce common risks associated with buying a new business


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  • Franchise/Business Start-Up

    Conventional lending may not always work for new businesses and franchisees. Talk with us about our start-up loan solutions.

    • Benefit from community lending, which fosters economic growth
    • Tap alternative ways to raise capital
    • Financial help for all types of businesses


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  • Construction

    Build, renovate, remodel or open a new location with our convenient construction financing solutions.

    • Local lending experts to support your construction plans
    • Only pay interest for the actual amount drawn/borrowed
    • Get quick feedback about your construction plans


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  • Working Capital

    Finance the day-to-day operations of your company with a working capital loan solution.

    • An influx of liquidity for everyday operations or growth opportunities
    • Cash advance without traditional lending hassles
    • Quick approval and simple processing


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Structured Finance Features & Optional Services:

  • Debt Restructuring
  • Capital purchase support
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Financial solutions for business expansion
  • Financial backing for franchise/business startups

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